Approaching Food Shortages – Importance of Preparedness

Orlean Koehle Speaking on “Approaching Food Shortages and What We Can Do To Prepare!”

Orlean grew up on a farm in Idaho with parents who survived the Great Depression and  learned early on the importance of self-reliance and being prepared for whatever is coming our way without relying on government.  Orlean will tell of what she learned personally about preparedness after experiencing several natural disasters: an earthquake in Yellowstone Park in 1959; a terrible flood in South Eastern Idaho when the Teton Dam burst in 1976; a tornado in Lincoln, Nebraska, in 1979;  losing their home to a fire in Santa Rosa in 1984, and the terrible fires in Santa Rosa of 2017, where 5,000 homes were destroyed.  Orlean will give evidence of what she believes is an approaching engineered food shortage, how serious it will be – accompanied by the drought in California, the high inflation, with greatly increased costs of food.  She will give suggestions of what we need to do to prepare now while we still can.