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Orlean Koehle, President of Eagle Forum of California

About the Author

Orlean Koehle grew up on a farm in Roberts, Idaho (near Idaho Falls). She graduated from Idaho Falls High School, served as Miss Idaho Falls, and after graduating from college, taught school at a junior high in Idaho Falls. She taught speech, drama and journalism.


Since 2002, Orlean has been serving as the State President of Eagle Forum of California. Eagle Forum is a national, patriotic organization with the motto “For God, Family, and Country.” In 2006 Orlean founded and served as the first president of the Sonoma County Land Rights Coalition, to help protect rural property and water rights against overbearing government regulations. She began doing research since that has led to her writing this book, California’s Water Crisis – Does Anybody Smell a Fish?

Orlean is the author of six other books: Looking at Lincoln, the history of Lincoln, Nebraska; The Golden Rule School, which seeks to bring morals, ethics, and character education back into the public schools; By Stealth and Deception, USA Transformation and its Parallel to the European Union, which exposes the hidden history of the United States over the past 100 years; Just Say No to Big Brother’s Smart Meter, which tells of the dangers of Smart Meters and the two year battle in California to be able to get an opt out ruling from the California Public Utility Company; and two books on the big, top down, federal education program; Common Core, the Trojan Horse for Education Reform and The Hidden C’s of Common Core help to answer many of those questions. In 2012, she started Californians United Against Common Core ( and serves as its Director.

Orlean and her husband, Dr. W. Kurt Koehle, PhD, live on acreage outside of Santa Rosa, CA. Kurt is formerly from Southern Germany, where he and Orlean lived for several years when they were first  married. Kurt is an administrator at Sonoma State University. They have six children and eight grandchildren, the latest two are a set of darling twins, a boy and a girl

A Closer Look at Common Core!

A Closer Look at Common Core!

7 Major Talking Points   Exposing Common Core: 1) Common Core is a Trojan Horse; It is Education by Stealth and Deception: Common Core State Standard Initiative, CCSSI,   pretends to be a simple, voluntary, State-written, State-led initiative, with higher, better,...

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Common Core – A Trojan Horse for Education Reform

Common Core - A Trojan Horse for Education Reform A book by Orlean Koehle, State President of Eagle Forum of California and former teacher, Director of Californians United Against Common Core, “Common Core State Standards Initiative” is the latest education...

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What Can we do to Fight Smart Meters and Smart Grid

Become aware – gain knowledge. Do your own research, so you are thoroughly aware of the rightness of your cause . • Take a stand against the smart meters in your own area. If you don’t yet have a smart meter, put a sign on your old analog meter such as the one...

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By Stealth and Deception,

gives an up-to-date account of the clandestine transformation of the USA that has been taking place over many years and is now on fast track under President Obama, moving the United States closer to a UN Agenda 21 socialist regime, with centralized, regional planning...

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Orlean talking about her book By Stealth and Deception interviewed by Ferne Abbot from England.  Ferne shares Orlean’s opinion of how bad the European Union has been for England and all of Europe and how bad something similar would be America.

What Everyone Needs to Know  about  California’s Water Crisis:
This book will answer the following questions:
In spite of a large recent snow pack in the high Sierras in December 2015 and January 2016 and lots of rain across California, even causing flooding, the State will continue in its “water crisis mode.”  Why?  What are the benefits from a designated “crisis?” What are the draconian regulations on California residents—both urban and rural—now called for under a state of emergency with enormous fines if they do not heed those regulations? 
      Is this a natural crisis or man-made, created out of negligence or actually planned for? How do “endangered fish” play into this crisis, giving fish priority over the water rights and property of people? What years were the only other time when California was declared a state of emergency because of drought and guess who the governor was then as well?  What should we have learned from past droughts to get us ready for future ones?
     How do these violate our basic property and water rights that have been traditionally part of Common Law and were to be protected by the U.S. Constitution and the California Constitution?  
     What is the real agenda behind this drought?  What are the goals of Regionalism and Agenda 21? How does Geo-Engineering play into this crisis?  Is it possible to so manipulate the weather to create and prolong a drought? Why are the forest fires burning faster, hotter and longer than ever before with the trees literally “exploding” into fire? 
     And lastly what can freedom-loving people do?  Why are property rights and water rights so important to protecting freedoms?  Must we give in to the draconian regulations asked of us —or is there another way?

Despite heavy spring rains, the state of California insists on continuing its “water crisis mode.” But what is the real agenda behind this manufactured drought? We’ll be talking property rights, Regionalism, and Agenda 21 with a leading activist.

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