Unmasking the Masquerade Vol 2


Unmasking the Masquerade – the Seven Ps for Loss of Liberties and Turning the World Upside Down: Plandemic, Paranoia, Pseudoscience, Persecution, Profits and Politics – A Tale of Two Viruses

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Orlean’s latest newly published book – Unmasking the Masquerade is ready for ordering. Here is what is written inside the front cover:
The cover shows a muzzled Statue of Liberty, a symbol of our loss of freedoms, as the majority of the people of the world are also being muzzled, by the seven Ps pushing

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Unmasking the Masquerade Vol II


The Five Ts of Tyranny: Tracing, Testing, Tracking, Transmitting and Transforming   ” 

The cover shows the brigade – two self-appointed “saviors” of the world with their COVID jab needles coming to “our rescue” – Bill Gates and Anthony Fauci.  The illustration was done by my good friend and forensic artist, Robert Exter, of Redding, California.  He also suggested the title – “The Charge of the Vaccine Brigade!” 


Hard Questions This Book Answers:

  • What is the COVID fatigue we have all been put through? Was that purposely done to make us want to get the vaccine? Do the numbers actually show that this is a true pandemic from which we need to be rescued or is this mainly a testing pandemic?  
  • Do we really need testing, tracing, tracking, transmitting, and transforming, constant surveillance to feel safe in this “Brave New World” before us?
  • Are their vitamins, medications or drugs that are safer in helping to build up our immune system so we can naturally withstand the virus or any future pathogens and won’t need a vaccine?  
  • Is it true that we can never get back to normal without a vaccine? Will life ever be allowed to return to normal or is a constant new normal  part of the plan?
  • Can the COVID vaccines truly rescue us? What is the “track record” of the companies making them? How safe and effective were they in the trials, what about the adverse reactions to the early vaccines?  
  • What does this new kind of vaccine mean – mRNA?  Does it effect and modify our RNA and DNA?  What else is in the vaccines?
  • What do they cost? How much money will Big Pharma be making? 
  • Will the “Certificate of Vaccination” be required on your cell phone, passports, maybe even your drivers’ licenses? 
  • What will happen to those who refuse the vaccines?  Will they be persecuted, and ostracized from society, not able to hold a job or attend school – maybe even be arrested and locked away?
  • Are these vaccines preparing us for the next step – a tattoo or biomedical ID number or a nanochip that will be inserted under the skin so we can all be scanned to show proof that we have the vaccine?
  • What is the ultimate goal of the staged plandemic and the vaccines?  Is this part of population control and leading to transhumanism and AI – 
  • Is there hope?  – Law suits and court cases that show the Constitution is still prevailing; wise words and scriptures that give us hope.
  • What can we do to stand up for our liberties, but also be prepared for a rough road ahead?

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