Become aware – gain knowledge. Do your own research, so you are thoroughly aware of the rightness of your cause

. • Take a stand against the smart meters in your own area. If you don’t yet have a smart meter, put a sign on your old analog meter such as the one pictured here which is plastic and survives the rain, or write one yourself and cover it with plastic.

• Put a belt around your analog meter and bolt it with a lock to the side of your house as my husband and I have done. (The belt and lock can be ordered at

• Fence your property: We also have a fence around the part of the garage where the analog meter is with no gate to it and two dogs guarding it.

• Local Protests: Since the Smart Meters are being implemented on the local level, fight it locally. Go to your city council and board of supervisors and ask them to pass a moratorium against it. Cite the above mentioned laws, codes, and amendments that the utility company is violating if they install the meters without the customer’s permission and in most cases, even knowledge.

• Join with like minded groups: This is a non-partisan issue; join with anyone who believes in health and freedom. Or help organize a group to stand in front of your utility company with signs to gain their attention, or stand in front of where the trucks are parked that go out to “deploy” the meters. (They like to use the word deploy instead of install. Deploy is a military term.)

• Help Spread the word in your neighborhood: Pass out information to your neighbors to protect them as well and to protect all of you from the radiation mesh that will be created.

• Bring in speakers and have a town hall meeting and a panel discussion as was done in Santa Barbara April 28. The utility company was invited to be part of the five-member panel, but he did not show up, as is usually the case, because they know they cannot really defend their position. Invite your city council members and other elected officials to participate or at least attend. Because of this panel and the public speaking out at several City Council meetings, Santa Barbara Council Members voted to pass a moratorium against the meters and led the battle for other Southern California cities to follow their example.

• Attend your state Public Utility Meetings and speak out and let your voices be heard. • Write letters to the editor of your paper; write or call your state legislators; and even your congressmen. The more they hear from you the more they will know this is a serious problem.

• Speak out against ICLEI and the United Nations that are behind this plan seeking to transform our nation. Seek to get your city to no longer belong to ICLEI. Thirteen cities have succeeded in doing os

. • Run for Office yourself: Now that you know the truth about this serious issue, run for office; even if you are not elected, it gives you the opportunity to speak out at various places and for various groups to tell them the truth about these issues.

• Submit a Declaration of Intent (can be found at and if there is no response file a lawsuit against your utility company: People did it in Portland, Maine, and won. It has set a precedent for other cities and states. ( mark-Smart-Meter-Case.html) My book suggests a class action or small claim’s court law suit. (pp. 96-100)

• Don’t give in and ask to be put on the delay list. Delaying your demise should not be an option. That is like saying I am asking to be put on the last to be harmed list. Ask to be put on the never, never list. • Hire an electrician and have him remove your smart meter and restore your analog meter. So far people who have done this have gotten along fine. Their utility company is not sure what to do, so they are not doing anything. Maybe some fine or penalty will be coming, but people can then say, “The analog meter was my property to begin with. I paid for it when I bought my home. The utility company who took it away without permission is guilty of theft and should be fined for so doing.”

• Don’t give up. It may seem like a daunting task and a losing battle. But, there has been great progress made, and if more and more Americans wake up and continue to fight this, we can have more victories. Whatever sacrifice and time it takes, freedom is worth it!

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