Inferno Enigma


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Inferno Enigma has 140 pages, with many illustrations.

It sells for $20.

The book answers the following questions:

  1. Why were key leaders missing the day of the fire, August 8, 2023 – Did they know something the people did not know?
  2. Why was the water turned off, not even the firemen had access to water to fight the fire?

3, Why was the power turned off in certain areas, no cell phones could be used?

  1. Why were no alarms sounding, not even any warning from police or firemen with bullhorns?
  2. Why were the schools shut down and children sent home without parents’ notification? Why are a 1,000 children still not coming back to school?
  3. Why was there a police blockade not allowing the cars to leave the city until the cars were all zapped by the fire?
  4. What kind of brush fire zaps only selected areas of a town, specifically those of the poor, and leaves the wealthy newer homes untouched?
  5. What kind of a brush fire burns hot enough to melt metal and glass (also in the cars) and pulverizes the homes’ cement foundation but leaves most of the brush, grass and trees still standing?
  6. What kind of a fire even burns on water and zaps the boats on the ocean?

10. Was this a planned fire for a planned land grab to turn Lahaina into a smart city/15-minute city, something that had been planned many years ago?

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